Kate Middleton Sister Pippa Topless Photo in White Bikini

A topless Pippa Middleton is circulating the Internet. The media seems to be focusing on Pippa rather than Kate Middleton or now known as Duchess Catherine. The photos were actually from a Middleton family trip in 2006. Pippa and Duchess Catherine was wearing white bikinis with Prince Charles and the other Middletons on a boat. But I didn't know that Pippa was with them.
Pippa was rinsing at the boat after swimming in the ocean with her family. When she removed her top, showing the world her royal boobs. Weird thing was that Prince Charles was also with her when this happened base on the photos. Apparently the Pippa nip slip photos didn't came from paparazzi. It came from the Middleton's own family friend which yet to be mentioned.  The Middleton's are furious.
These photos are just thumbnails. Don't want to be in trouble. If you want to see larger copies of Pippa's topless photos just visit the sites that said to have published the photos. Be quick before they delete them.

The Middleton family has submitted a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) after the Middleton ladies bikini photographs were published in Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and News of the World. Among these photos were a topless Pippa Middleton. The photos were said to be taken at the coast of Ibiza on their Uncle Gary Goldsmith's yacht.

We all know that whatever goes to the Internet is forever there. So good luck to them. 

Source: www.vogue.co.uk ; www.thedaily.com

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