Kelly Osbourne Sexy Transformation

Why did Kelly Osbourne transform into a beautiful lady? Can't seem to understand why a plus size Kelly with no fashion taste became what she is now. There have been rumors that she had a plastic surgery and ‘Cocaine Diet’ to loose those weight. But nevertheless she’s sexy, dresses nice and she looks cute unlike before when she's like a pig. Not because of her size, but how she projects herself to public. Maybe she hired someone? But she looks good and I hope she can give
inspirations. People should know that it’s important to take care of one's looks and not only their health. People should always give good impressions of themselves. But do be careful to not overdo it.

She denies using any drastic measures just to be slim. “ I could be really skinny . I really could, but I don’t want to be really skinny and I like food and I don’t want to be on drugs,” she said in an interview with Access Hollywood.