Philippine Police's Stupid and Insensitive Photos

Shameless Philippine Police officers taking picture of the hostage taking area

What the??? Even the SOCO team who is investigating the incident cannot resist taking pictures of the scene.

This is a joke! Now you can see how stupid some of the Philippine policemen are.


Anonymous said...

I was fully understand shit can happen, untill I discovered these pictures (it is all over website, plain and painfuly), ... ... ,MOST FXXXING STUPID police ever exist, also HEARTLESS, it is FXXXING SHAME for whole police force, damn them ALL to hell

Anonymous said...

peopel who going to philipine its stupit
not philipine foolice man...what do u expact...its philipine...people taking there chance to go there its shame ...
u can go to south korea and japan singafore why philipine?????????????
stupit!!!!!!!philipine its hot and food sucks and u get sick if u eat something wrong,,,it happen all the time...even ofw or philipino hate there country,,,and hate there own people !!
do u think that they care if 9 people die???
lol i dont think so ...they will just smile and say i m sorry...when its last time u saw philipino cry for there country...???
go to country peopel who love there own so they can love others..

Keith said...

Every country has its ups and downs. And I can say that the PNP are not the "Philippines Finest" and True some filipinos are ashamed to say they are filipinos whenever they are in a foreign soil. But things are changing. Maybe its because of Manny Pacquiao winning world titles. hehe But I can feel filipinos being more proud that ever. Philippine pride.:)